Albena Kervanbashieva

A Bulgarian native, Albena Kervanbashieva started her early dance training in her hometown, Rousse, at age 7, in the Ballet academy of Pavel Stoitzev. Later she performed and toured the country with his Youth Ballet Company. She went on to perform and tour with various Dance Theater companies in Bulgaria.
After moving to NYC Ms. Kervanbashieva enrolled in The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance. After graduating she danced with Doris Humphrey Dance Company, La Ballade Ballet Company, Contemporary Ballet Theater, Jayne Persh and Dancers, and Les Ballets du Monde. She has collaborated with numerous independent choreographers, and she currently is dancing with Dance Visions.
Of her association with From Scratch Performance Company, Ms. Kervanbashieva says:
“I was very intrigued when I stumbled upon the “Spectatorum” organization (later renamed “From Scratch Performance Company”) – I really jumped at the chance to meet and collaborate with artists from fields other than mine (dance).
I am immensely honored to be offered four original music pieces by three composers from the company, who trusted me with my choreography. It is frightening and deeply rewarding at the same time to dance my own choreography, up to this point I’ve always danced other people’s works, I truly started ‘from scratch.’
I hardly can wait to discover how far I can go with this and what a gift to be surrounded by such talented artists who are on a similar journey in their fields! I am so looking forward to having more creatives joining us and collaborating. When one starts from scratch there’s so much freedom to create original works – All that we have is ourselves, without copying or recreating anyone else’s.”
She says that for a future project “I’d love to co-create full length productions of Theater, Music and Dance!”
Ms. Kervanbashieva recently was included in a Drama Queens Reviews article about the Inaugural Gala, which can be read here.
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